Product is available at brick and mortar stores across the US. Call 563-928-6433 to find a dealer near you.
Kendrick Home pieces are produced using North American hardwoods, locally sourced and sustainably harvested.
We hold ourselves environmentally responsible and strive to practice our profession in an environmentally safe manner. In doing so, we continually improve our process to achieve minimal waste and we use vendors that have that same mentality.
No, all product is shipped as raw wood.
Product can be wiped down with a micro fiber cloth or a car sham. Avoid using paper towels or products that produce lint as they may get caught in some of the wood.
This product is not meant to be placed outside as it doesn’t have a finish. If you place a marine varnish on the product it may be placed outside, but the elements will significantly shorten the life of the product.
Yes, we can produce most items in a smaller or larger size or a different color. Please visit with your rep or contact us at [email protected] and ask for a custom order. Additional charges apply.
You can inquire about submission of artwork by contacting us at 563-928-6433.
You can inquire about the location of the hidden tree by contacting us at 563-928-6433. Please provide the name, ID number of the print.
Wood will expand and contract with the environment in which it was put in. Controlling the humidity level in your house will lesson the amount of movement you will have in your piece. These are semi-rustic pieces and are not glued so there will be some movement in the pieces. Dry air will make the wood shrink and humid air will make it swell.
If you want a sheen on your walnut frame, you can treat it like you would a cutting board and apply mineral oil to the frame which will keep the wood moist. Be careful not to get oil not the ink as it will darken the ink and may change the color.