Striped Wood Welcome Circle

Available in 16×16

White Home Sweet Home Zip Code

Available in 16×16

Have Faith Circle

Available in 16×16

Hidden Gem

Each Kendrick Home piece has a hidden gem in the design. The hidden gem has become an exciting part of the experience when customers purchase a Kendrick Home piece. Some are easy to find whereas others are more discretely in the artwork.

What is the hidden gem and why is it important to Kendrick Home?

The hidden gem is the tree that is incorporated into the Kendrick Home logo. The tree symbolizes the history of the Kendrick Home company and the family that started it all. Kendrick Home is a division of Kendrick, Inc., a family owned and operated company that harvests trees in Northeast Iowa and surrounding areas. Kendrick, Inc. believes in using all parts of the tree, holding ourselves environmentally responsible. Kendrick Home uses one of the by-products from Kendrick, Inc. to build hand crafted wood pieces.

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