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Build Styles

All Kendrick Home build styles are based on 3”, 4”, and 5” wide hard maple boards that are 3/8” thick.  These boards create a flat surface called a plank. The flat surface is key to our manufacturing process.


The plank style is frameless and uses hard maple backer strips to hold the planks together. The plank style needs to hang on a wall or be displayed on an easel as it does not stand on its own.


The staggered style is a version of the plank where the boards are not flush on the top and bottom or on the sides. The boards are staggered which give each piece a unique look. Staggered styles cannot sit on a shelf due to the uneven nature of the boards.


The shimlee style is named after our sister company shimlee.™ and has a ½” wide hard maple wood frame around the planks. The frame and the planks sit flush, making the frame part of the overall image. The shimlee style finishes at 1 ½” thick allowing it to stand on its own.


The behind style uses the same material as the shimlee style and also finishes at 1 ½” thick making it a great piece to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf. The behind style has the frame behind the plank, therefore there is no joint visible from the front of the piece and the frame is not part of the image.


The walnut style is the most popular style for Kendrick Home pieces. The walnut style starts with the hard maple plank and is recessed into a walnut frame. This style finishes at 1 1/2″ thick, the same as the shimlee and behind styles, making it a great piece to hang on a wall or sit on a shelf.

Background Styles


The color white is not printed on Kendrick Home pieces. When the color white is removed from a print the natural grain of the wood is able to be seen. Kendrick Home pieces with the background are sanded prior to printing.


White is not a color that is printed therefore any white in the designs is hand painted on the wood prior to the printing process. Kendrick Home pieces with this background are sanded prior to painting and printing.


The rough background is used to achieve a more natural and sometimes rustic look. To achieve the rough background we print on wood that has not been sanded. These pieces will not be smooth to the touch and will allow natural grain of the wood to show through.

Hidden Gem

Each Kendrick Home piece has a hidden gem in the design. The hidden gem has become an exciting part of the experience when customers purchase a Kendrick Home piece. Some are easy to find whereas others are more discretely in the artwork. Within our catalog, a key has been provided to assist in finding our hidden gem.

What is the hidden gem and why is it important to Kendrick Home?

The hidden gem is the tree that is incorporated into the Kendrick Home logo. The tree symbolizes the history of the Kendrick Home company and the family that started it all. Kendrick Home is a division of Kendrick, Inc., a family owned and operated company that harvests trees in Northeast Iowa and surrounding areas. Kendrick, Inc. believes in using all parts of the tree, holding ourselves environmentally responsible. Kendrick Home uses one of the by-products from Kendrick, Inc. to build hand crafted wood pieces. Each Kendrick Home piece has a unique tag with a brief explanation of the hidden gem.

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